What types of honey are there?

types of honey

What types of honey are there? Discover all flavors!

Honey comes in countless varieties and flavors. Each type of honey has its own unique and characteristic properties. Below you will find the most popular types of honey and a description of the taste. Which honey is your favorite? Read on quick.

What makes each type of honey unique?

Which kind of honey is right for me? ”. We can well imagine that it can be a little bit difficult sometimes to make a choice. Of course you can taste and judge all types of honey yourself. Or read on and we’ll tell you everything you need to know. When choosing a type of honey, it’s always important to pay attention to the following things:

  • Taste – A very personal, but decisive element in the choice of honey is the taste. Some people prefer a sweet taste, while other people prefer a fresh, spicy, or neutral taste.
  • Structure – Each honey has a unique structure. Examples of liquid honey are wildflower honey, acacia honey or lime honey. Are you looking for a creamy honey? Than rapeseed honey, sunflower honey or clover honey are a good choice.
  • Use – Are you looking for a honey suitable for cooking? Than we recommend using a different type of honey than if you are looking for honey for tea, for example.
  • Color – a trained eye immediately recognizes a type of honey by its color. The color can also tell more about the taste.

The honey type and taste is ultimately determined by the type of flower the honey bees get their nectar from. For example, lemon honey can never have a Dutch origin. After all, citrus trees don’t grow in the Netherlands.

Wildflower Honey – Perfect for the ” inexperienced ” honey consumer

WILDFLOWER HONEY FROM THE BEEKEEPER - LEKKERHONING.NLWildflower honey is a delicious liquid Dutch honey. Wildlower honey is rich in vitamins and minerals. The taste of wildflower honey is very dependent on the time of year when the bees harvest the honey. After all, different flowers bloom in spring than in summer. This ensures the diversity in taste. It is a delicious liquid honey for both the ‘inexperienced’ honey eater and for the real honey lover. Wildflower honey is delicious on bread or in yogurt, quark or tea.

Heather Honey – Fragrant and spicy with a full brown color

Heather honey is also called The king of honey . Heather honey is a fragrant and spicy honey with a full flavor. This type of honey usually has a brownish color and a gelatinous structure. Heather honey contains an above average amount of anti-oxidants and minerals. Heather honey is relatively expensive compared to other types of honey. This is due to the limited availability and popularity of this liquid gold. Heather honey is delicious on a sandwich.

Acacia Honey – The lightest honey available

ACACIAHONING DIRECTLY FROM THE BEEKEEPER - LEKKERHONING.NLAcacia honey has a soft taste with a light acacia scent. Also in terms of color, acacia honey is one of the lightest types of honey available. This honey hardly crystallises, making it perfect if you only consume honey sporadically. Do you want to replace sugar for a healthier option? Than acacia honey is the perfect option. Acacia honey is therefore often used in coffee, tea or yogurt.

Fruit Honey – Fresh and fruity, but not (too) sweet

Fruit honeyFRUIT HONEY LEKKERHONING.NL comes from bees from a fruit orchard. This honey has a light color and is fresh and fruity in taste. Many people associate fruit with a sweet taste. Yet this honey is less sweet than other honeys. This honey remains liquid for a relatively long time because the crystallization process runs slow. Delicious for tea, but also perfect for a homemade cake.

Thyme Honey – Perfect for sore throats, great for cooking

THYME HONEY FROM THE BEEKEEPER - LEKKERHONING.NLThyme honey is a reddish-brown liquid honey and, like rosemary honey, often used in cooking. In addition, the honey has a soothing effect on colds and sore throats. Thyme honey, like heather honey, has a relatively spicy taste. A real flavor enhancer!

Rosemary honey – Indispensable in the kitchen

Rosemary honey has a sweet and spicy taste. It is a dark orange-redish honey. This honey is made with the nectar of the rosemary. Rosemary is a woody plant with spikey leaves. This type of honey is very tasty to use for cooking. Rosemary honey, for example, is often used in the preparation of marinade or delicious Mediterranean dishes.

Lime Honey – Soothing and a light minty taste

Lime honeyLIME HONEY FROM THE BEEKEEPER - LEKKERHONING.NL is a golden honey with a light mint flavor. Lime honey remains liquid for a long time and does not crystallize quickly. This type of honey is collected by the bees from lime trees at the beginning of the summer. It is therefore a seasonal product that is only made at the beginning of summer, around June. This honey has a nice taste and also has a calming effect.

Buckwheat honey – A special taste that never gets boring

BUCKWHEAT HONEY FROM THE BEEKEEPER - LEKKERHONING.NLBuckwheat honey is a dark and strongly scented honey with a special and intense taste that never gets boring. As the name suggests, this honey comes from buckwheat. Buckwheat is a herbaceous plant. The fruits resemble grain or small beech nuts. The bees get their nectar from the white with pink flowers of the buckwheat. The honey contains an above average amount of minerals and enzymes. Buckwheat honey is of Asian origin. An enthusiast’s honey that tastes delicious on a pancake or in a salad. The taste is not for everyone, but we love it!

Rapeseed Honey – Cream honey with a relatively neutral taste

RAPESEED HONEY FROM THE BEEKEEPER - LEKKERHONING.NLRapeseed honey is a light-colored honey that crystallizes quickly. This is due to the high natural sugar content in the honey. This cream honey is relatively neutral in taste and creamy in structure. Due to the creamy structure, this honey is easy to spread and delicious on bread. This honey is also used to promote easier breathing – for example during a cold – or for a good night of sleep.

Forest Honey – Dark honey with a spicy tasteforest honey from the spanish beekeeper - Lekkerhoning.nl

Forest honey is known for its dark color and intense, powerful and aromatic taste. Spanish forest honey comes from the holm oak, cork oak and oaks that produce honeydew from August to September. Forest honey crystallizes very slowly. This type of honey is somewhat similar to pine honey.

Sunflower Honey – Loved by kids

Sunflower honeySUNFLOWER HONEY FROM THE BEEKEEPER - LEKKERHONING.NL is a type of honey that is very popular with children. This fruity summer honey comes directly from the stretched sunflower fields. It is a golden cream honey with a sweet, fruity and smooth taste.

Lemon honey

Lemon honey from the beekeeper - LEKKERHONING.NLLemon honey is a delicious, fresh, sweet and fruity honey from the lemon tree. Despite the sour taste of lemon, lemon honey itself is not sour. Lemon honey comes from abroad. After all, citrus trees don’t grow in the Netherlands. Our lemon honey comes from sunny Spain. This honey is also known as a preventive against the flu.

Coffee blossom honey

COFFEE BLOSSOM HONEY FROM THE BEEKEEPER - LEKKERHONING.NLCoffee blossom honey is unfortunately still a relatively unknown type of honey in the Netherlands. Coffee blossom honey has a spicy, full-sweet and fruity taste and is somewhat similar to chestnut honey. Our coffee blossom honey is extracted outside Europe, primarily at the coffee plantations in America. This honey is therefore delicious as a sweet addition to the coffee.

Discover all types of honey

You will have noticed, the number of types and flavors of honey cannot be counted in one hand. Each type of honey has an unique use, taste, color and structure. Even with the above list, we have not yet named all types of honey. For example, are you already familiar with nutty chestnut honey , spicy lavender honey , soft orange blossom honey , caramelly eucalyptus honey or balsam honey that comes from the Biesbosch nature reserve in the Netherlands?

Discover all types of honey

Lekkerhoning wishes you good health!

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