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What is Propolis?

Are you already familiar with the benefits of royal jelly, honey, pollen and beeswax for your well-being? Then you will find out that the hive contains another treasure; unknown a few years ago, but now a total solution for natural well-being, all year round: propolis .

What is propolis and where does it come from?

Propolis is a combination of resinous, gummy and balsamic substances that bees extract from the buds of certain trees, including poplars (especially French propolis).
Propolis comes from the Greek and means ‘for the city’. The bees place it in front of the beehive entrance as a ‘natural barrier’ to protect the colony from microbiological attacks and predators.

The composition of propolis

The richness of propolis lies in the many active substances it contains. It contains, among other things: flavonoids and phenolic acids. It is a substance that cannot be found anywhere else in nature. In recent years, science has also turned to propolis and has demonstrated an important, natural and unique capacity for human well-being.

The resin collected by the bees has a beautiful amber color (maroon that tends to red) and is sticky to the touch. The bees change the composition of the resin by adding certain secretions and wax to it. In addition, certain impurities are added by the work in the hives by the beekeeper and by the activity of the bees themselves (pieces of wood, dead bees, pollen, grains of sand…). So propolis must be purified before it can be used.

what is propolis

How bees collect propolis

A certain number of specialized fly bees collect the resin from the buds. They use their tongues and their jaws for this, and then their hind legs. The bees bring it to the hive in the form of large drops. There it is used in various ways: to cover the walls of the hive, to seal and germinate the combs and cells, to pack and embalm intruders. All these actions disinfect the beehive!

How is propolis extracted?

The beekeeper can remove the propolis from the hive without harming the colony:

  • By annually scraping the propolis from the honeycombs of the hive.
  • By using perforated plastic grids: the bees seal the holes with propolis.

The grids are frozen so that the resin becomes brittle and can be easily removed. The amount collected depends on the vegetation in the area and the bee breed. Caucasian bees collect the most. The average amount varies between 100 and 300 g per hive per year. That of course means that propolis is a rare, precious substance!

Features of propolis

Propolis stings

There are many products available that mention propolis as an active ingredient (especially throat care products) and these products may have a light taste. If so, don’t confuse this softness with propolis! The very first thing you should know is that a good, working propolis stings the mouth: this is proof that it works!

Propolis smells nice

You often hear critics say that propolis smells bad: this is not true. This is the scent of the beehive, of nature, a scent of balm with delicious accents, reminiscents of coniferous forests and the scent of vanilla and hyacinth. A real natural product!

Propolis is colorful

Propolis, a resinous substance, is naturally very colorful: brown, red, green… natural colors that reveal their vegetable origin. And propolis extract retains its color, despite the purification process! It is therefore quite normal that a propolis product is tinted and not white or transparent. The propolis used in Propolia® products is brown: a color that indicates an origin of great plant diversity.

Not always exactly the same composition

Important components of propolis are pollen, beeswax, resins, flavonoids, essential oils, minerals, vitamins and trace elements. Depending on, for example, the season and the location of the hive, the composition of the propolis can vary in composition.

How Propolis works

”What is propolis good for?” is a question we regularly get from people who are not yet familiar with this natural product. Propolis works well against bacteria, viruses and fungi. Propolis stimulates the human body’s immune system and stops inflammatory reactions. It is used both internally and externally.

  • It supports the immune system and increases the resistance against diseases and viruses
  • Has a soothing effect on the respiratory tract
  • Improves condition of the gums and overall oral cavity and can help against bad breath
  • Supports the regenerative capacity of the red and sensitive skin
  • Care of warts, fungal nails
  • Hay fever
  • Lungs, breathe freely
  • Promotes the wound healing
  • Stimulates the (fat) metabolism and ensures a good bowel movement
  • Keeps muscles and joints flexible
  • Promotes a natural healthy sleep


Which propolis products are available for sale?

Propolis products are available in all shapes and sizes. At Lekkerhoning you will find the widest range of propolis products in the entire Benelux. Here you will find:

Or view it directly full range of propolis products .

How do you use propolis?

Product Application
Propolis Ointment 30%
  • acne
  • eczema (Read this article For more information)
  • fungi
  • hemorrhoids
  • psoriasis
  • herpes
  • varicose veins, bruises or bruises
  • Other skin conditions
Propolis toothpaste
  • dental plaque
  • sore gums
  • bad breath
  • oral hygiene
Propolis capsules
  • Stimulates immune system
  • Increase resistance to diseases and viruses
  • stomach complaints
Propolis tincture
  • Stimulates immune system
  • Increase resistance to diseases and viruses
  • Disorders or complaints of the lungs and airways
  • Bad breath and complaints about gums and oral cavity (toothache, inflamed gums, tooth decay, etc.)
  • Red or sensitive skin and wound repair
  • Fungal nails and warts (Read this article For more information)
  • Hay fever (Read this article For more information)
  • Intestinal complaints
  • (Preventive) increase of the resistance and support of the immune system
  • Lowers the blood pressure

When you click on a product you will find more information about the exact effect, instructions for use, the dosage and the applications of that specific product.

Propolis side effects or allergy

Roughly one in 2000 people is hypersensitive to propolis and products that contain propolis. Are you using propolis for the first time? Then you can easily test any hypersensitivity by applying a drop of propolis to your forearm/wrist. Then let it dry and keep an eye on the forearm for a few hours to a day. Is the place where you applied the drop surrounded by red or does it feel a bit burning? Then you are probably hypersensitive to propolis and further use is not recommended. Propolis can also enhance the effect of blood thinners.

An allergic reaction to propolis is often manifested by an itchy sensation on the skin (external use), or an unpleasant feeling in the throat (internal use). on this page you will find more information about this.

When in doubt, always contact your doctor.

bee pollen and propolis

Fun and useful facts

Make your own propolis tincture

Did you know that it is also possible to make your own propolis tincture? Especially for you we have a blog composed for.

Propolis experiences

Would you like to read other people’s experiences with our propolis products? Which can! When a purchase has been made in our store, we invite customers to post a review of the purchased product. This gives us insight into how we can take our services to an even higher level. In addition, it is valuable for people who are not yet familiar with Propolis – to be able to read other people’s experiences – without having to buy the product themselves. For example, view all propolis tincture experiences and the experiences with propolis capsules .

Watch out for stains

Do you use propolis externally? Then pay attention. Propolis can stain your clothes.

Frequently Asked Questions

How long does propolis keep?

Pure propolis has an almost unlimited shelf life.

Can I give propolis to my dog or cat?

This product is indeed also used for animals. With our natural pet care products the whole family can benefit from honey bee products. For example, propolis is used in various applications such as ear care, coat care, skin care and the care of damaged foot pads. In this article on propolis for pets you will find more information about the exact applications of the various propolis products.

Is propolis a drug?

No, Propolis cannot officially be called a medicine. After all, medicines must always contain exactly the same composition. This is not the case with propolis, for example due to the environment where the beehive is placed and the season. This does not alter the fact that many people benefit from propolis products.

Where can you buy propolis?

You can order all your favorite propolis products via the internet. Our propolis products come directly from the beekeeper. This ensures that it meets the highest quality requirements. Simply place an order online and we will ensure correct delivery. The delivery is very fast at Lekkerhoning.nl. After payment of the order you will receive the package at home within 48 hours (excluding weekends).

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