Treat canker sores with Propolis

Treat canker sores and inflammation in the mouth with Propolis from the beekeeper -

Treat canker sores with Propolis

Do you suffer from wounds, sores or inflammation in the mouth? The most common inflammation in the mouth are ‘ canker sores ‘. These are painful blisters on the oral mucosa that later turn into painful sores. Canker sores are small gray-white spots with a red border. You can treat canker sores with Propolis, but propolis is also very effective against other infections in the mouth

Do you suffer from wounds, sores or inflammation in the mouth?

The canker sores often hurt. They are located in various places in the mouth, such as on the inside of the cheeks and lips, but also around the tongue. Especially when eating and drinking (especially acidic drinks and fruit such as cola and oranges) a lot of undesirable pain is experienced. About 1 in 5 people have canker sores. After the age of 40, canker sores are less common.

What causes canker sores?

Treat canker sores and inflammation in the mouth with Propolis from the beekeeper - Lekkerhoning.nlAn infection with a virus or bacteria is often an ideal climate for canker sores. Usually, inflammation only gets a chance when resistance is reduced. Studies show that there is a link between the development of canker sores and deficiencies in vitamin C, vitamin B12, folic acid and iron. This can partially be prevented by eating healthy and varied food and by ensuring a good resistance. Dental problems and poor oral hygiene can also cause canker sores. A small wound in the mouth can become the origin of canker sores. Such a wound can be caused by brushing too vigorously, badly fitting dentures, accidentally biting your lip or cheek. Eating food that is too hot can also cause canker sores. Women can experience canker sores a few days before the start of the menstruation.

Treat canker sores with Propolis – the natural solution.

Various studies have shown that propolisis an effective natural remedy for oral mucosa A dermatological researcher treated eighty patients with canker sores by dabbing the painful areas with propolis tincture. He did this by holding a cotton swab soaked in propolis against it for three to six minutes. For 85% of them, this only had to happen once, because they got rid of their symptoms within two to four hours. For 10% this took until the next day. Only 5 percent did not respond to propolis. As a naturally acting antibiotic propolis fights viruses, bacteria and fungi. The local analgesic effect and stimulation of wound healing has been demonstrated clearly with the research. These properties complement each other very well in case of diseases in the mouth.

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Propolis products in order to treat canker sores, wounds, sores and inflammation in the mouth

You can touch ulcers, almond stones and canker sores two or three times a day with a cotton swab dipped in propolis tincture or alcohol-free variant propolis oil . But you can also drop the propolis directly into your mouth and move your tongue back and forth for a few minutes. When there are also other symptoms (fever, fatigue), it is good to take propolis internally (drops in mouth) in addition to marking. Propolis is a natural antibiotic for bees and a panacea for humans! It supports the immune system and increases resistance to diseases and viruses.

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