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Besides the fact that it is very healthy, I will not annoy you with all the minerals and vitamins it contains (lots of them, really!), Honey is just very tasty! I didn’t have to think very long when I was allowed to test products from the webshop Lekkerhoning.nl. So many different honeys and so many different products! A world of honey opened up for me ♥

While enjoying a glass Ambrosia Cranberry wine with lime honey I’m writing this review. The combination of Cranberry (sour) with honey (sweet) is particularly tasty and surprisingly delicious. Mmmm…. just grab a glass …

After receiving the products I went to drink tea with my mother, of course with a scoop of Honey power ! Huh, honey power you will say….?! indeed… this is sunflower honey with 3% royal jelly. Royal jelly is the richest imaginable food in nature and that is also noticeable because I only need very little for this in my tea, very tasty and healthy!

On to our local supermarket because I also have a jarWalnuts in Orange Blossom Honey and of course it should be delicious in the Greek yogurt…. Ohhhhh damned, Nina and I licked off our fingers, it is so delicious… and again it takes so little, the honey is super concentrated and the walnuts, delicious!

If you don’t want to buy a whole jar of honey, honey straws are a great alternative. They are sold per 12 pieces and 1 straw is just enough for your tea, on bread or on pancakes or ice cream.

Back to basic to the Heather honey. You really get a piece of honeycomb which you can use on your sandwich, for example. You can also just eat the combs that contain the honey, I personally don’t like “things” in my food at all, but this was very tasty and, I repeat, very concentrated honey. Of all honeys, heather honey comb contains the most antioxidants and it still contains all the nutritional value because no “human” activity has been involved. Good to know: keep this honey in the refrigerator after opening.

In addition, I was allowed to try Balsam honey , Rosemary honey and Buckwheat honey. The balsam honey, from the Biesbosch, is light in color and structure and has a mild floral flavor.
The rosemary honey has a sweet spicy taste, the rosemary is not very dominant, just exactly perfecy. Last of the honey I tasted was the buckwheat honey, this honey is dark colored and has a fairly intense taste. The different types of honey are available in different sizes, namely 50, 250, 450 and 900 grams. So handy, you can always try a different kind of honey in a small jar.

Have you seen that small basket candle with bees in the picture? Do you know that this candle burns for 5 hours, does not drip and is low in soot? Of course made of 100% natural beeswax and Lekkerhoning has an extensive range from small to large, very nice!

To conclude, a product that matches the season: Propolis Cough sweets . What is Propolis? Propolis is one natural antibiotic for the bee and a panacea for humans: it increases your own resistance to diseases. Click here for more explanation (too much to process in this piece), a miracle cure and also very tasty to suckle.

Besides this huge list of products tested by me (and that was really no punishment!) Lekkerhoning.nl has many more items for both consumption and personal care products. I would say: take a look around this extensive site and let yourself be tempted to spoil yourself with these super healthy treats ♥
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Love Sandra

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