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What is Royal Jelly?

Royal Jelly is a gelatinous substance that is produced for the queen bees. Royal Jelly is also known as bee’s milk or gelée royale. This substance is produced by the worker bees and is only intended for the queens to eat because of the large amounts of proteins and vitamins that this substance contains. There are also a number of unknown substances that may be the secret to the miraculous fertility of the queen bees.

Is Royal Jelly healthy?

The jelly is not only healthy for the queen bees, but also for humans! This substance gives people a boost when you are not feeling well due to illness or fatigue. It is a natural booster. Royal jelly also has a positive effect on the immune system of humans and is recommended for stress, insomnia, depression, certain skin problems and deficiencies in the body of vitamins and minerals.
The jelly is suitable for every person, young and old. Both the elderly and the youth can benefit from the use of Royal Jelly. In addition, this jelly has a positive effect on sports performance. It has a positive effect on the recovery of the body after exercise. As a result, many athletes also use Royal Jelly.

Which Royal Jelly should I buy: puur, capsules of crème?

You can buy royal jelly in various designs. You can buy it pure in a jar, in a capsule form or as a cream. The jelly in its pure form may have a sour taste. A teaspoon a day is enough and you can easily mix this with honey, yogurt or jam. As a result, you won’t longer taste the sour taste. It is also possible to take the jelly in capsule form. Take 1-2 capsules every morning with breakfast for at least 30 days straigt in a row. After these 30 days you will start to notice the results!

The Royal Jelly udder cream can be used for very dry or rough skin. For example, rough hands or dry feet. The udder cream also has a soothing effect on the entire body, for example after a sunburn. The normal Royal Jelly cream is slightly less greasy and also suitable for dry and sensitive skin. It also promotes blood circulation, so that the oxygen supply increases.

It also has a stimulating effect on:

  • The metabolism
  • Sexual functions
  • Protection against infections, due to the antibiotic effect
  • Skin health (circulation of the skin, cell renewal and strengthening)
  • Hair growth

Royal Jelly experiences

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Showing all 8 results