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Raathoning of honingraat

Comb honey is the purest form of honey. Comb honey comes straight from the hive. The honey is still in the sealed cells of the comb. Hence the name comb honey or honeycomb. Comb honey from the beekeeper is 100% pure natural.

Bees make their own combs from beeswax. Then they introduce the honey into it. Once the honey is ripe, it is sealed by the bees. The bees apply a kind of “lid” from wax on it. The wax lid prevents water from entering the cells. The comb honey is then removed from the cupboards, cut into blocks and sold in display boxes. Delicious to eat and lots of health benefits! 🐝

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The purest form of raw honey is actually only honeycomb or bee comb. This honey is completely unprocessed. This also explains the name “real honey”. You can buy honeycomb at You can cut this form of honey into small pieces and then eat it on a sandwich or in the yogurt. The combination of beeswax and honey is delicious and you can eat everything! You can also simply eat the beeswax. Our honeycomb or bee comb comes directly from the beekeepers and is the most raw and pure form of honey without any intervention of processes.

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