Are you looking for propolis? Propolis is a natural antibiotic for bees and a miracle cure for humans!
It supports the immune system and increases resistance to diseases and viruses. It’s used for internal and external purposes in the form of tincture, sprays, capsules, tablets and powder, ointment and toothpaste.

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How does propolis work?

Propolis is made by the honey bees, they produce this agent to close holes and crevices in their hive. This natural product not only helps them to keep the hive virus-free, but it also has a versatile effect on mankind. This wonder cure has been used by humans for centuries because of its powerful antibacterial effect. Propolis works well against bacteria, viruses and fungi. Propolis stimulates the human body’s immune system and stops inflammatory reactions.

  • It supports the immune system and increases resistance against diseases and viruses
  • Has a soothing effect on the respiratory tract
  • Improves gum and oral cavity condition and can help with bad breath
  • Supports the regenerative capacity of red, sensitive skin
  • Care of warts, fungal nails
  • Hay fever
  • Lungs, breathe with relief
  • Promotes wound healing
  • Stimulates the (fat) metabolism and ensures a good bowel function
  • Keeps muscles and joints flexible
  • Promotes a natural healthy night’s sleep

Propolis is therefore healthy and can be used in all kinds of ways and helps against various complaints. View the positive and rave reviews of other visitors who have previously purchased this product and easily order your product online.

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propolisBuying the best French Propolis of the Propolia brand is quick and easy at You can find the following products in our range:

For example, you can buy ultra powder. You can mix a spoonful of powder with wildflower honey in a warm drink. Propolis capsules are for daily use and are also gluten-free. We recommend a one-month treatment course by taking eight capsules every day. Four for breakfast and four capsules for dinner. Propolis tincture is great for laryngitis and gum problems! You can also mix the tincture with, for example, honey or water in order to combat winter ailments.

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Showing all 38 results