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Nowadays we see far too often hair products with silicone in the bathrooms: they were initially used to beautify the hair (shiny, easy to comb or soft), but now they are part of the daily haircare routine for many people.

The annoying thing about these silicones (and / or quaternary ammonium salts) is that they are not only very bad for the environment, but also give the hair a very artificial appearance. To begin with, silicone forms a layer around the hair and covers it. As a result, the hair suffocates under an impenetrable layer: the true appearance of the hair is hidden under this artificial layer.

After years of using these conventional products, we no longer know what our hair looks like without silicone. That is why it is sometimes difficult to switch to natural care products. During the switch to organic products, the successive layers of silicone are removed piece by piece and eventually the true hair condition emerges: dry, split or dull. Since it takes a while for the hair to regain its vitality during this transition, it may seem that natural products are not doing anything good for the hair.

So don’t judge your new organic products too quickly…! Because the condition of your hair as you see it during this transition is not the result of the healthier products… it is the result of long-term use of products that “camouflaged” your hair problems instead of repairing them. Natural products need to be used for a few weeks before you see positive results, which is perfectly normal. The switch to natural products is better for the hair!

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