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Are you looking for high-quality preserving jars? Then you are at the right place at Lekkerhoning.nl. We have a wide range of preserving jars in various sizes. Discover our offer below.

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Want to buy weck jars?

Preserving, conserving, storing or just enjoying a creative hobby? It’s all possible with our weck jars! When you are going to make jam or apple sauce yourself, it is important to have a good preserving jar, canning jar or jam jars. After all, glass preserving jars seal food airtight with a handy rubber ring. This keeps the food in the preserving jar fresh for longer. In the Lekkerhoning.nl range you will find all kinds of sizes of weck jars, from mini weck jars to large weck jars. We have weck jars in stock with clip closure, but also weck jars with screw lid. Whatever type or size you are looking for, you are guaranteed to find it in our shop!

Use a weck jar as a storage jar!

Some people use a weck jar as a storage or preserving jar, because everything stays fresh in it for a long time. After all, pasta, coffee, sugar, rice, pasta and tea are sealed airtight thanks to the rubber ring in the lid. As a result, the taste won’t disappear and the quality of the product remains optimal. Keeping your kitchen organised can be very easy!

A cozy addition to your interior

Weck jars also look nice in the cupboard or on the counter in the kitchen. They really add something to your interior! Are you feeling creative? Then it is nice to make beautiful labels yourself and stick them on the jars. This will look cozy and organised.

You can use these handy airtight jars for all kinds of things. Just like mason jars and “normal” glass and jam jars, weck jars and bottles are also just fun to display. A vintage weck jar or a weck jar with a vintage look looks great anywhere in the house. Or use them to put in a beautiful bunch of flowers! The possibilities are endless.

Order weck jars online at Lekkerhoning.nl!

You no longer have to leave your house in order to buy glass weck jars. You simply order them at Lekkerhoning.nl. Our weck jars are made of high-quality glass. Simply place an order online and we will ensure correct delivery. Delivery is fast at Lekkerhoning.nl. After payment of the order you will receive the package at home within 48 hours (weekend not included).

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Showing all 5 results