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Are you looking for a delicious honey drink? Discover our wide range of honey wines and meads. Our honey wine and mead are of the best quality for healthy enjoyment.

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Which flavor do you choose?

Our honey wines are enriched with honey and propolis. This makes the wine not only tasty, but also healthy. In addition, honey wine promotes appetite and sleep. Each type of honey wine has its own unique taste. This makes choosing the right ambrosia honey wine fun, but also difficult. That is why we have listed the most important characteristics for each wine to make the choice easier.

White Honey wine with herbs: A delicious flavor blend and perfect as an aperitif. Also called ” Ambrosia honey herbal wine white ”.

Red Honey wine with herbsMade on the basis of sweet red wine, enriched with lime honey, propolis and various herbal extracts. Also called ” Ambrosia honey spiced wine red ”. A delicious alternative to mulled wine.

You can buy tasty and healthy Ambrosia honey wine at Lekkerhoning. Our honey wine contains 12 percent alcohol and is available in bottles of 375ml and 750ml. All our honey wines can be kept for at least 4 weeks after opening, whether or not in the refrigerator. You can find more information about our honey wines by clicking on a product of your choice.

Also discover our delicious mead

Do you want to order mead online? Then you have come to the right place. Mead is an ancient drink, but is still very popular today for its unique taste. We have tested various types of mead honeywines especially for you. We have included only the best and tastiest mead in our range. The purity of the honey has not been affected, because the mead of Northern Mead (our partner) has not been filtered or heated.

How about our delicious wildflower honey mead with a sweet honey taste and a full floral aroma? The Apple Pie mead is also very popular. The Apple Pie mead is a delicious spiced apple pie mead and is wonderfully sweet and complex in taste due to the combination of apples, honey and herbs. As last but not least, the Dutch syrup waffle mead is also absolutely worth tasting. Did you know that the Dutch syrup waffle mead from Northern Mead has won 3 prizes?

Mead contains usually a higher alcohol percentage: usually between 12.5 and 18%. Click on a product of your choice for the exact content.

Do you want to order a box right away? Then order 6 bottles. You also benefit from a 5% discount. 🍷

Is honey wine the same as mead?

Some people (incorrectly) use the words “honey wine” and “mead” as synonyms. Although both drinks do have certain similarities, in fact they are basically different drinks. Honey wine is made on the basis of red or white wine (grapes). The wine is then enriched with the proper amount and kind of honey – possibly in combination with healthy herbs. Mead is a drink in which the fermentable sugars come from honey instead of grains (beer) or grapes (wine).

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Showing all 12 results