Review: Revitalizing serum


Revitalizing serum

Usually I’m not really into the face creams. Why not? Because unfortunately I often get rashes from it. I’ve very sensitive skin and I usually notice that on my skin the next morning with certain creams. But every now and then I make an exception to try one out anyway. Today I therefore also review the Prodige de l’esthète, rivetilizing serum.


This revitalizing serum is 100% made in the laboratories of Propolia® and is a concentrate of the most renowned natural anti-aging ingredients. Thanks to its super fine texture, this new product is quickly absorbed into your skin. The composition consists of 82% organic ingredients and is packed in an airtight bottle, so you won’t lose a drop!


The packaging stands out because of this great magenta color. Only in my opinion a little less text on the front could have been done, it looks a bit busy. I think the bee is a nice addition.

For who?

This product is for women who are looking for a daily care that revitalizes their skin, who want to combat the appearance of wrinkles or who simply want to feel more comfortable.


Massage a few drops of the serum onto clean skin before using your normal day cream. You can use this product as a cure (28 days) to restore the normal renewal cycle of your skin cells.

Main Ingredients :

Royal Jelly, Lily, Rosehip, Gotu Kola, Ginkgo Biloba, Hyaluronic Acid, Vegetable Squalene

Air tight bottle of 30 ml


With an easy push on the pump, a drop of serum comes out. You can cover the entire face with two pumps. the serum is a yellowish substance that actually absorbs into the skin quite quickly. The only drawback I think is that the serum does not really smell good. I have now used this product for 6 days in a row and luckily I didn’t get rashes! My skin looks nice and fresh, so I will definitely continue with this product!

This revitalizing serum you can buy for € 35, –

With my order I had also ordered several things, including one Beeswax candle to add to my collection. But also Royal jelly pure in a jar. Pure royal jelly is a unique, powerful and valuable natural product because of its constructive, stimulating and vitalising properties. And it is recommended for, for example: Temporary (over) fatigue, Concentration disorders, Stress, Insomnia and much more. So I am very curious what this product will do for me! Thank you for a nice collaboration 🙂

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Lekkerhoning wishes you good health!

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