Propolis ointment, a natural remedy for eczema

propolis eczema

Propolis ointment, a natural remedy for eczema

Did you know that propolis ointment is widely used for the disinfection, healing and protection of the skin? It is a natural solution for various skin complaints such as acne, fungi and psoriasis. It is also widely used for eczema.

Eczema is a nasty skin condition in which the skin is often red and scaly. Eczema is also often accompanied by itching. The skin condition can be treated relatively well with corticosteroid ointment. Still, some people prefer a natural remedy for their eczema. These give little to no side effects and are freely available.

Propolis ointment can help with various types of eczema

Many people use propolis ointment to alleviate these annoying complaints or in some cases even completely remedy them. Propolis ointment calms the skin and has been shown to be effective in various types of eczema such as fungal eczema, constitutional eczema and chronic eczema. Improvement generally occurs within a month.

Often the cream also contains honey. Honey also has a disinfecting effect and softens the skin.

Please note: in some cases the symptoms get slightly worse at the beginning of treatment with propolis ointment. In principle this is normal. It is also always good to check whether you are allergic to propolis. This occurs in about 1 in 2000 people. You can test this by smearing a little propolis ointment on the back of your hand or forearm. Then wait a few hours and see if the spot is red or itchy.

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Tincture or ointment?

The propolis tincture can also be used, possibly together with cream, for skin disorders. The propolis tincture has the advantage that it can be used both internally and externally. Also specifically for the treatment of eczema can propolis tincture being used. The combination of internal and external use generally provides the best results. The tincture is stronger than the ointment and is mainly used in the build-up phase.

More information

Have you become curious about the effect of propolis ointment on eczema, but would you like to obtain more information before trying it yourself? Then we recommend the book’ ‘The Healing Power of Propolis ” from Wiebe Braam heartily. On the site of office hours you will find more information about propolis and eczema, in combination with some practical experiences, tips on its use and other interesting facts.

Propolis ointment is not officially a medicine, but it is certainly worth a try.

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