Discover Propolis - a miracle cure from the beehive -

Propolis increases resistance to viruses and strengthens your immune system

Natural antibiotic and it’s called PROPOLIS


For years I have been very impressed about propolis. As soon as we have a sore throat, are sick or have an inflammation somewhere, I quickly get the propolis out of the closet. Partly thanks to this panacea, I didn’t need an antibiotic treatment for 20 years, and my children aged 20 and 16 never needed it. By the way, it not only works like antibiotics against bacteria, but you can also use it for viruses and fungi (fungal nail etc.).

More explanation
Propolis is made by bees. It is a viscous, brown and strong-tasting substance. The bees use it to close openings in their nest. It has an antiseptic effect, protecting the bees against bacteria from the outside.

A great remedy against bacterial infections. It was already used in ancient Greece as a bacterial and fungicidal agent. You can add the propolis Ultra powder to a jar of liquid honey (450 grams). You just keep this panacea in the cupboard and take 1 teaspoon of the mix with some water every morning and evening. A good range of Propolia is: propolis intense . It activates your immune system, kills bad bacteria and fungi, inhibits bacterial growth and is anti-inflammatory. In case of a strep throat, let it slowly slide down the throat. Along with some healing honey for extra strength.

You can also spread the healing honey on wounds and skin conditions, often with very good results. (can add some propolis powder for extra result)

In addition, it is so beneficial to take a teaspoon of good healing honey every day(Propolia energy vital). In addition to extra propolis, it also contains Gelee Royal, acerola, papaya and gingseng. Also, if you feel a bit down, you can take ampoules for a while. Besides propolis, they contain bee pollen, ginsgeng and much more. (propolia Tonic potion).

When having gum problems, it is very good to brush your teeth with propolis toothpaste and to use natural pure chewable propolis.

How medicinal is it?

Besides having a good effect against bacteria, viruses and fungi, propolis stimulates the body’s immune system, inhibits inflammatory reactions and promotes wound healing.
Helps with menstrual discomfort, keeps muscles and joints supple and strong and promotes a good intestinal flora. Propolis also contributes mildly and naturally to the maintenance of good bladder, kidney and prostate function. Propolis has an analgesic and antispasmodic effect and a beneficial effect on blood vessel walls. Propolis is also anti-allergic, promotes bile outflow and lowers blood pressure.

Propolis -

  • Activation of the immune system
  • Stimulates the immune system
  • Inhibits bacterial growth
  • Is mold resistant
  • Enhances the action of antibiotics
  • Has an anti-viral effect
  • Inhibits inflammatory reactions
  • Works anti-rheumatic
  • Inhibits arteriosclerosis and thrombosis
  • Stimulates blood flow
  • Is anti-allergic
  • Promotes tissue and cell growth
  • Improves the functioning of the glands
  • Promotes good intestinal flora
  • Is mildly analgesic
  • Lowering blood pressure

Irene Lelieveld: