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Tips especially for all dog owners about ear infection of dogs: causes, symptoms and natural treatment. We have had dogs ourselves for over 12 years and extensive experience with all kinds of disorders in dogs. An ear infection is unfortunately a more common problem in adult dogs. With these tips you can recognize the causes and symptoms.

Cause ear infection in dogs

For adult dogs, an ear infection is caused by a fungal infection or bacteria. In some cases, ear mites can also cause inflammation. This will especially be the case with puppies. Other causes that can provoke infections: excess hair growth in the ears, too much ear wax, allergy (diet, hormone imbalance and hypothyroidism.

Dog breeds prone to ear infections

Unfortunately, some breeds are more susceptible to ear infections than other breeds. Below is a list of dog breeds that are extra sensitive to ear infections. If you happen to have one of the following breeds, be extra alert:

  • Golden Retriever
  • Poodle
  • Pitbull
  • Cocker Spaniel
  • Shar-Pei

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Do’s and don’ts for dog ear infections

An ear infection can be diagnosed by the vet. This will take some wax or moisture out of the ear and investigated under a microscope. This can identify the cause of the infection. Of course, the infection can be treated with medication, but there are also natural remedies that help treat an ear infection.

Before tackling the infection yourself, it is important to thoroughly clean the ear.
NEVER DO: never clean your dog’s ears with cotton buds! This pushes bacteria and dirt even deeper into the ear canal with all its consequences! How can you clean the ear? To do this, use a cotton ball and special means to clean the ears. Add the cleaning solution to the ear as directed and gently massage it into the ear. Place the cotton ball in the ear canal and let it sit there for about 10 minutes. This prevents the agent from running out of the ear and earwax and ear moisture is immediately collected.

NOTE: If your dog has balance problems, is walking in circles or his eyes are not functioning properly, you should leave the treatment to a vet. There may be a deeper cause or infection that cannot be treated with home remedies.

Own experience with ear infection and natural treatment with Propolia

In the list of dog breeds prone to ear infections is the pit bull. Now we have a very sweet pit bull since 2015, who unfortunately not only appears to be allergic to certain foods, but also suffers from ear infections more often. This manifests itself in Daisy by itching and frequent scratching of the ear. Although Daisy is incredibly sweet and patient and you can do almost anything with her, but she doesn’t like her ears to be touched. I try to avoid this, as she has a lot of pain with an infection and starts to wheeze when I touch her ear.

Cleaning is therefore not an option, but trying to prevent it is! After a lot of searching I ended up with a natural product that helps to keep the ears clean. It are the ear drops with propolis, tea tree and calendula . These are purchased at All beneficial substances that ensure that excess mold growth is counteracted. The drops also provide a natural balance that prevents infections.

We use the drops every now and then and I really notice a lot of difference. Our Daisy has significantly less problems with her ears. That is great since she lets the drops set without any problems. Prevention is also much better cured in this case. No chemical agents have been added to the drops, so that they are not extra harmful to the body. Ideal for dogs that are sensitive to ear infections.

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