Wildflower honey in squeeze bottle


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Wildflower honey in a handy squeeze bottle
Rich in vitamins and minerals

The taste of wildflower honey is very dependent on the time of year when the bees harvest the honey. In the spring, different flowers bloom than in the summer and this provides the various flavors.
The product does not drip from the bottle because of the closing valve. The squeeze bottle can also be upside down.

Wildflower honey, like all other honeys, is full of vitamins and minerals. It is a delicious liquid honey for both the ‘inexperienced’ honey eater and for the real honey lover.

Did you know that Dutch wildflower honey can help with hay fever ?
Part of the pollen that the bees extract from the flowers and plants ends up in the honey. Eating this honey exposes the body to the culprits of hay fever. The body builds up resistance to pollen in a natural way. Would you like to know more about natural remedies for hay fever? Learn more about using pollen grains.

Perfect for a cup of tea or yogurt!
Fits very well in desserts or in a dressing.
From time to time you can just enjoy a spoonful of pure honey, a really delicious aromatic honey.

Content: 375 grams


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