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Real raw honey

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Dutch real raw honey – Summer Honeycomb
Honey as bees make it

Everyone wants Pure and Natural honey. Well, do you know what we advise them? Just a piece of real raw honey. That’s the best!
Regardless of how you process honey, if you process it, some of the finest nutrients from honey are always lost. Air circulates while you process the honey, so oxidation of the best and tastiest elements occurs.
And that doesn’t happen with honeycomb.

Honeycomb is the honey as bees make it – 100% natural product ??
They get no help from us. Building the combs of beeswax is their natural process.
That’s where they put the honey. When the honey is ready, the bees seal the cells with a wax cover.
We take this real raw honey out of the hive’s, cut it into blocks and sell it.

“Only honeycomb can be named raw honey.”
The only honey without any processing or additives.

Cut it small and put it on your sandwich, but it is also delicious with yoghurt!
So you can also eat beeswax Tasty, because it gives a little more structure than just honey
Honeycomb shouldn’t be put in the tea, you eat it separately.

Storage advice
Raw honey can be stored simply in your kitchen cabinet. Combhoney can be kept indefinitely 🍯



Small Windows Dutch Raathoning – Nice to have, great to give as a present!


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