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Special kind – Liquid gold!

We call heather honey ‘the King of Honey’. This fragrant and spicy honey has a full flavor and fairly can be called a delicacy. Heather honey is very popular and is sometimes only available for a few weeks a year. Liquid gold!

Pieces of honeycomb are added to the heather honey. The Dutch heather honey with honeycomb chunks is one unique delicacy , with natural honeycomb chunks coming straight from the hive into the jar.

The special thing about heather honey is its specific taste and jelly-like structure. Good quality heather honey is so stiff that the jar can be held upside down without the honey spilling. This is how firmly the honey is inside the comb, which therefore makes extracting heather honey more labor-intensive than any other honey. It is hurled twice: the honey that comes out of the comb for the first time is called heather blend . Heather honey is very healthy. It contains most of the antioxidants and minerals that our human body needs.

Content: 450gr

Origin Heather honey
Our heather honey comes from the Dutch soil. The bee colonies are placed on the heath at the beginning of August and remain there until mid-September. This is the time when the heather is in beautiful purple bloom, and therefore also the time to collect the heather honey.



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