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Cherry mead – Honey wine – 500 ml

The mead of Northern Mead is made with love, patience and craftsmanship.

A traditional mead uses only pure honey as seasoning.
This mead is a beautiful combination of sour cherries and sweet honey, which gives a nicely balanced and fruity whole 🍒
Craft mead made of natural honey from our own beekeeping farm !
We always guarantee 100% pure honey and that makes this drink extra tasty and of the very best quality.

Ingredients: water, honey, cherries and yeast
Content: 500ml
14% Alcohol

The tastiest (alcoholic) drink for the late hours. Also great to warm up as a mulled mead in the December months!

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There are plenty of stories and speculations about mead and its origins. This is probably because no one knows the true story of mead. One thing that we do know is that mead has been around for longer than history describes.


Our favorite fairy tail is probably a true story: a long time ago, before the first cities and invention of writing, a lucky person came across the configurations and the wonderful components of a beehive.
The hive had been exposed to the rain and the honey in it had been fermented. Mead soon became known as ‘the nectar of the gods’, because of the so-called divine wisdom that this drink brought.
King Tut was a satisfied customer, as were Erik the Red and Queen Elizabeth I. Consumed by paupers, princes and pirates, Mead was one of the world’s favorite drinks!


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