Buckwheat honey

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Buckwheat honey of the highest quality

For a special taste that never gets boring. A real culinary honey with many health benefits

Buckwheat honey is a strongly scented dark honey with a specific intense taste and a viscous structure. This honey is not for everyone, but is much appreciated by the connoisseur.

As the name suggests, this honey comes from buckwheat. Buckwheat is a herbaceous plant. The fruits resemble grain or small beech nuts. The bees get their nectar from the white with pink flowers of the buckwheat.


Buckwheat honey is healthy and contains an above-average amount of minerals, antioxidants (5 times more than other types of honey!) And enzymes. This honey is also used for fatigue, hot flushes or an annoying cough and cold. It can also improve blood flow. Buckwheat honey also contains a relatively large amount of vitamin P. This vitamin promotes the absorption of vitamin C. The honey thus contributes to increasing the resistance. These properties make buckwheat honey a healthy choice. In fact, it is one of the healthiest honeys available!


You can use this honey for cooking poultry, pork and beef. Buckwheat honey is also very tasty on a pancake (as a healthy alternative to syrup) or in a salad. The taste is intense, so you don’t need to use much. The longer you do with one jar.

Origin Buckwheat honey

Our buckwheat honey comes from outside Europe. Buckwheat originates from Asia and that is where most of the honey is extracted. Naturally, our buckwheat honey is always of the highest possible quality!

Buckwheat blossom
Buckwheat blossom

Buckwheat honey summarized

Color Dark
Taste Intense flavor with a powerful aroma and a malty undertone
Use Delicious on a pancake or as an addition to savory dishes
Derived from Buckwheat
Content jar of 250 grams, 450 grams, 900 grams or a bucket of 4 kg
Storage advice Keep the honey at room temperature. Ideally in a dry and dark place
Other characteristics Crystallizes relatively quickly. You can of course make the honey liquid again yourself.


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