Bee venom capsules 300mg

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Effect of bee venom

Bee venom provides energy, affects the nerve functions and has a positive effect on muscles, tendons and joints.
The effect on the nerves is caused by the stimulation of hormone production by the adrenal cortex.
The effectiveness can be compared with that of foods with active substances, such as coffee.
Product is not recommended for people with diabetes and kidney disorders.

In Europe, the ingestion of bee venom for therapeutic use has been known since the mid-19th century.
It was then mainly used in homeopathy.
However, bee venom has been around for much longer in folk medicine in the form of bee infusions and powdered bee stings.
Bee poison tablets were first produced in the 1960s, but these were never marketed.

Bee venom capsules 300 mg

Bee venom capsules can be regarded as a food supplement.
They contain a minimal amount of purified bee venom, which can be taken by mouth.
One capsule contains 0.1 mg of purified bee venom (Apium venenum) from honey bees (Apis mellifera).
This amount roughly corresponds to the average amount of venom from a natural bee sting and is referred to as 1 sting equivalent.
Other ingredients are vitamin C (ascorbic acid) and cellulose.
The capsule itself is made of gelatin with a BSE clearance certificate.

Oral use of bee venom

It is advisable to start with one capsule every two days, until it is assured that the body tolerates it well.
Most people only experience an effect with one or more capsules per day.
Consult a doctor in case of unwanted side effects.

After three weeks, you can stop for one or two weeks, as it’s also recommended in bee sting therapy (“bee venom therapy”, BVT).

Also check out our bee venom ointment it makes muscles and joints flexible

Recommended literature
M. Simics, the author of Bee Venom: Exploring the healing Power is one of the most important researchers in the field of bee venom in today’s apitherapy, which has been increasingly practiced in recent decades.


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