Making Propolis Tincture (How to + Tips)

Making Propolis Tincture | Necessities + Step-by-step plan (DIY)

Make your own Propolis Tincture

Propolis tincture is a well-known and recognized traditional preparation. It consists of pure propolis, dissolved in alcohol. You can buy it already made or make it yourself. Here’s how to make your own propolis tincture. Don’t worry, it’s not a difficult recipe!

More and more people are becoming familiar with the myriad benefits of Propolis . Propolis is one natural antibiotic for the bees and a panacea for the people!

It supports the immune system and increases resistance to diseases and viruses. Propolis is made by the honey bees, they make this agent to close holes and crevices in their hive. This natural product not only helps them to keep the hive virus-free, but it also has a versatile effect on mankind. Propolis is available in different forms such as tablets, powder or cream. One of the most famous and popular forms is propolis tincture (also ready available).

The benefits of making Propolis tincture yourself

Before we explain step by step how you can make your own propolis tincture, let’s first list the main advantages of homemade propolis tincture:

  • Making propolis tincture yourself is easy and fun.
  • By making your propolis tincture yourself, you can calculate exactly and determine what percentage of propolis the end product contains.


To make propolis tincture yourself, you will need at least the following products:

  • Pure propolis. Making propolis tincture yourself starts with obtaining pure propolis. This means: Propolis straight from the hive – with all impurities (such as sand) removed.
    propolis tincture make yourself tips If you are looking for pure propolis and you do not have a hive of your own, you can use Propolis Granulate . Propolis granules are pure propolis chopped into small chunks. When propolis comes out of the hive, it still contains all kinds of impurities such as sand and wood splinters. A pure base is essential for a good propolis tincture!
  • Pure alcohol (96%, without additives). Important: Only choose alcohol that is suitable for consumption. Avoid alcohol at all times which is not suitable for internal use. We always buy this product from the local pharmacy.
  • Pipette bottles . This allows you to dose very accurately.
  • Scale. This allows you to weigh the desired amount of propolis
  • Measuring cup. To measure the amount of alcohol.
  • A coffee filter (see step 3)
  • Glass jar with lid (see step 4)

Making propolis tincture: Step-by-step plan

After you have everything you need (see above), you can start. To make propolis tincture, simply follow these steps:

Step 1. Determine the ratio

You determine the percentage of propolis in your homemade propolis tincture. So the first step is to determine the ratio. Than weigh and measure the amount of propolis and alcohol. Does the substance lose its fluidity and become viscous? Than the concentration of propolis is probably (too) high. You can easily solve this by adding some more alcohol.

We like to make our propolis tincture with 30 grams of propolis with 80-100ml alcohol. However, this ratio is not a must. Do experiment with the ratio you like.

Step 2. Let time do its work

make propolis tinctureThan mix the pure propolis with the alcohol. Pour the mixture into one glass jar (with air-tight lid). Put the pot away for a few weeks, preferably in a dark place. For example in the stair cupboard.
Do you want to speed up the dissolution of the propolis? Than use small chunks of propolis and shake the mixture regularly (once a day).

A smart tip that we came across on the internet: First put the raw propolis in the freezer and than grind it to fine grit. This speeds up the dissolution considerably. We have not tried this ourselves, but we would like to hear your experiences.

Step 3. Filter the mixture

Are all resins completely dissolved in the alcohol? Than the end result gets closer! All you need to do is purify the raw propolis tincture. One of our readers gave the smart and simple tip to use a coffee filter for this. As far as we are concerned, this is indeed a very smart and simple solution.

Step 4. Ready! Enjoy all the benefits of your homemade tincture

Congratulations! When the above steps have been completed, you have made your own Propolis tincture. Curious about the exact effect, instructions for use, dosage and experiences? Than click on the button below!

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