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Lekkerhoning scores a solid 9.5

A few weeks ago I was allowed to select a few products from www.lekkerhoning.nl. Are you curious about what I have chosen and why? Would you like to know more about the service and products of www.lekkerhoning.nl? Read my honey review from www.lekkerhoning.nl quickly

The products of www.lekkerhoning.nl

As the name implies, www.lekkerhoning.nl mainly focuses on the sale of honey and honey-related products. Tastes differ and that is why there is a wide range in various flavors of honey. You can choose from comb honey and heather honey. Because honey is quite versatile, you will also find delicious delicacies in the webshop such as tea, biscuits and even chewing gum. The range is supplemented with organic honey care products such as Royal Jelly pure and Royal Jelly honey soap. Not only they have been thinking about humans, but also animals. Honey can also be used very well for the health of your four-legged friend.

Review honey from www.lekkerhoning.nl

As indicated earlier, I was allowed to select a number of products from the webshop of www.lekkerhoning.nl. After reading the website, I chose the following types of honey:

  • Honey power
  • Heather honey
  • Autumn honey
  • Sunflower honey
  • Buckwheat honey
  • Honeycomb
  • Chewing gum with propolis

As a bonus, I’ve gotten honey straws, a small bee hive shaped candle and propolis ear drops for my lovely dog (a strain known for having ear problems).

When the package arrived, testing could begin. I must admit that our honey is mainly used for bread and tea. Actually I also wanted to bake with it, but that has not happened yet (luckily the honey is not finished yet, so the baking part might still come).

My husband loves honey, but it shouldn’t be too sweet. I gave him all types of honey on his bread (with the exception of the comb honey) and he indicated that the honey tastes really good. Especially not too sweet, not too strong and yet clearly pure and like honey. In the tea, the honey also provides the right flavor addition, while you can benefit from it at the same time all the health benefits of good honey . Incidentally, the consistency of the honey is also very good: not very thin, but certainly not too thick.

It is such a shame that the internet does not offer the possibility for you as a reader to enjoy with me, especially when it comes to the scent. I grew up on a farm and can very well remember the pure scents of nature. If you open a jar of lekkerhoning.nl, then you just smell nature. Very special, because honey often does not really have a very defined scent. However, you can smell this honey and that is an experience in itself.

Incidentally, the honey straws are ideal to take with you on the go. The straws are filled with honey, suitable for 1 cup of tea. For example, if you travel a lot by train and you like to drink tea with honey, this is highly recommended.

My daughter tried the propolis gum and was very surprised about it. The chewing gums look less attractive in terms of color, but the taste makes up for it. Plus, the gum is without aspartame and other added junk, allowing her to enjoy undisturbed. The propolis drops have already been tried out and I am more than satisfied with this too. In this review, however, I want to limit myself to the honey, I will come back to the ear drops in a later article.

Benefits of honey from www.lekkerhoning.nl

At www.lekkerhoning.nl, the products are selected for quality, which is certainly noticeable in the taste and smell. But there are many more advantages:

  • Pure honey
  • Plenty of choice
  • In addition to honey, you can also choose from other honey related products
  • Ideal to support your health ‘
  • Delicacies as a treat


The wide range can make choosing more difficult. Although that is mainly a disadvantage for your own wallet.

General opinion on the products of tasty honey

I am very happy that I was able to test the products. The taste of the different honeys is great, as is the smell. Moreover, I always get extra happy when a company takes the effort to add a little surprise to the package. On the website you will also find a few useful articles with facts about honey, also useful so that you know about the different methods of using honey. www.lekkerhoning.nl gets a big 9.5 from me.

Are you also crazy about honey and are you planning to order something as a result of my review honey from www.lekkerhoning.nl? Or do you want to know more about any of the products used above, let me know.
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