Natural honey helps against hay fever

Natural honey helps against hay fever

Many Dutch people suffer from allergic symptoms such as hay fever or pollen allergy during the summer and / or autumn period. The cause of these hay fever symptoms are the pollen from plants, shrubs and trees. Consumption of Dutch honey and honey related products can provide relief.


The symptoms of hay fever can range from the feeling of a mild cold to even severe flu and can sometimes be long-lasting and persistent.

What can you do to reduce pollen allergy symptoms?

There are possibilities to relieve hay fever symptoms by increasing the resistance to it. Since it concerns pollen from Dutch plants, shrubs and trees, it is important to regularly consume Dutch natural honey.

It is also important to make a distinction in which season one suffers the most from the allergic symptoms.
Depending on the season, you have to choose your “Honey type”:

Spring period, than use fruit and wildflower honey .
Summer, then use lime and wildflower honey .
Autumn, than use heather honey, heather comb honey and heather melange .

In addition, one can further increase the resistance by regularly taking propolis and pollen grains .

By taking Dutch natural honey and honey-related products, people are optimally prepared to reduce or even prevent allergic symptoms as much as possible.
The immune system is strengthened and extra resistant. It builds up against the allergy.

Lekkerhoning wishes you good health!

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