Honey and Garlic

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Honey and Garlic?

Seven days of honey and garlic on an empty stomach, what happens to your body? Nutritionists recommend using garlic raw so that all active ingredients are preserved, but you can also make a remedy from honey and garlic. This makes it more pleasant to consume the garlic and combines the many benefits of both products.

Garlic, like honey, is a miracle product.

Its medicinal properties can be used to counteract inflammation, chronic diseases and infections. Thanks to its allicin content, an active ingredient, garlic can help control the cholesterol level, the blood pressure and other conditions associated with the cardiovascular system. Garlic is also used as a remedy for digestive problems, respiratory diseases and fungal infections. In fact, thanks to its anti-inflammatory properties and high antioxidant content, garlic is a great addition for treatments ofarthritis, cancer and diabetes .

Read on and discover the recipe how to make this miracle remedy!

1. It is anti-inflammatory

Honey and garlic are anti-inflammatory and have a natural analgesic effect that can be helpful in conditions such as arthritis, water retention and muscle diseases. Both ingredients fight viruses and promote the production of antibodies that protect the airways.

2. It strengthens the immune system

Both ingredients improve the body’s defense system to make the body more resistant to viruses and bacteria and are great for supporting the immune system.

3. It improves circulation

Both honey and garlic can help prevent clotting and make the veins stronger, preventing conditions such as thrombosis and varicose veins.

4. It lowers blood pressure

To naturally control blood pressure, try consuming honey and garlic on an empty stomach every morning.

5. It keeps bad cholesterol levels under control

The allicin released when you crush a raw garlic clove can help purify the bloodstream and remove excess cholesterol. This is also a great way to control your triglyceride levels.

6. Helps to get over a cold or flu faster

All symptoms caused by the flu or cold can be controlled by consuming this remedy before, during and after the cold or flu attack.

7. Helps with cough

Whether your cough is caused by a bacterial infection or a virus, there is nothing better than a simple syrup made from honey and crushed garlic. This syrup soothes irritations and has an expectorant effect.

How do you make this natural remedy from honey and garlic?

To take advantage of all the benefits we have mentioned above, it’s important to make sure that the honey and garlic you use are NATURAL and ORGANIC. It is easy to find cheap honey in the supermarket, but this type of honey often contains no nutrients, vitamins and minerals because it is not 100% natural and because it contains added sugars. You will find good quality honey from the beekeeper inour store – Lekkerhoning.nl

Recipe honey garlic mix

1 cup tree honey (~ 450 g)
10-15 garlic cloves
1 glass jar with lid
(you can also make it directly in the jar of honey)


Cut the garlic into small pieces or use a garlic press.
Pour the honey into the glass jar and then stir in the garlic.
Put the lid on the jar and keep the jar in a dark place for a week.
A rich, healthy syrup will form after a week.

How do you take the syrup?

One tablespoon in the morning (on an empty stomach), plain raw or diluted with some warm water.
Do this every day for seven consecutive days. Than wait a few weeks and than repeat the process again.
Keep the honey and garlic at room temperature so that the mixture does not start to crystallize.
Keep in mind that the impact of this drug may differ from person to person, depending on their daily habits.

Are there other mixes that are so healthy too?

An alternative to honey with garlic is another wonder remedy – Honey with propolis. read here the recipe.


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