Honey against hay fever. Does it work?

honey and hay fever article

Honey against hay fever. Does it work?

Many people ask us whether honey can be used for hay fever. Does it relieve the symptoms? And what kind of honey is the best? We’ll tell you all about it in this comprehensive article!


Every spring millions of Dutch people suffer from annoying hay fever complaints. Fortunately, there are various indications and (international) studies that confirm that the consumption of honey has a positive effect on hay fever complaints. So the answer to the question: ”Does honey work to fight hay fever?” is ”Yes”. This also explains why the demand for honey is always extra high in the spring. Read on to find out exactly how it works!

Why does honey work against hay fever?

Honey is a natural product. As a result, it contains a small amount of pollen. By exposing your body to this pollen on a daily basis, a resistance is built up, as it were. This method of treatment is also referred to in medicine as immunotherapy. This method can be compared to a vaccination against a virus, in which you gradually make the body resistant with a minuscule amount. Building up slowly is the right approach.

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Which honey for hay fever?

Preferably choose regional honey, so honey from Dutch soil. It specifically contains the pollen to which you are allergic. The type of pollen to which you are exposed partly depends on the climate and nature. This explains, among other things, why some people may experience a decrease or an increase in hay fever symptoms during a holiday abroad.

From that point of view, honey from the supermarket will often not give the desired result. This honey is mostly extracted in Eastern Europe. Incidentally, ”local” does not mean that the honey has to come from the region where you live. The pollen in Leeuwarden is exactly the same as in Maastricht. However, it is important to distinguish in which season people suffer the most from the allergic symptoms. Based on the season one should choose his “Honey type”:

– Suffering from hay fever in the l grafting period ? Then use fruit and flower honey .
– Suffering from hay fever in the Z omer period? Then use linden and flower honey .
–Suffering from hay fever in the Autumn period? Then use heather honey, and heather blend .

I don’t like honey. What is a good alternative?

Honey is not only known for its healing effect on hay fever complaints. Also other products from the bee, especially propolis and pollen grains , have proven their strength. After all, these natural products also contain pollen. So these are good alternatives if you don’t like honey.  If desired, you can combine the use of honey, propolis and bee pollen.

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How much honey should I take?

It is best to start well before the pollen season. This gives your body time to get used to it. We usually recommend taking at least 1 teaspoon daily. This equates to about 10 grams of honey. This 10 gram of honey contains approximately 50,000 pollen grains. This is enough to train the immune system. More is of course also possible, but if you are sensitive, it is best to build up slowly. You can enjoy the honey directly from the spoon, or spread it on a sandwich. That does not matter!

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