Heather honey just as effective as manuka honey

Dutch Heathlands honeycomb in wooden window - honey directly from the beekeeper - Lekkerhoning.nl

Heather honey is just as effective as
New-Zealand manuka honey

Honey has long been known for its antibacterial properties: it was prized by the ancient Egyptians and is now widely used in veterinary medicine as a wound dressing. The most famous honey used for medical purposes is Manuka honey from New Zealand NZ

This honey has an additional ingredient with a powerful antimicrobial effect targeting pathogens wany other honey sort would not have. It is said to help heal the wound environment (infected wounds, burns or pressure marks), scars and reduce wound odor.

A recent study has demonstrated that heather honey can be just as effective as Manuka honey. The researchers took 29 honey products and tested for bacterial contamination and wound healing in horses. Although Manuka was the only medical honey, this study revealed that heather honey may be just as suitable for such purposes ? It should therefore not be necessary to import Manuka honey from New Zealand for these purposes. This way you can support our local beekeepers?

Heather honey is available at Lekkerhoning.nl Our heather honey comes from Dutch soil. The bee colonies are placed on the heath at the beginning of August and remain there until mid-September.
This is the time when the heather is in beautiful purple bloom, and therefore also the time to collect the heather honey.

Heather honey is available in our store in liquid variant in jars from 50 grams to 4 kg. We also have Heather Honey in its purest and most natural form, namely in honeycomb ?

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