Healthy gift from

Healthy honey gift

Last week I received a delicious package from with the question if I would like to review the products!
It’s part of my job and at the same time the best part! My children also think this is the best part of my blog, opening the packages

Honey so far!

The honey that you can buy at the supermarket is often not real honey but a dirty sugar drop, which is also a reason for me not to use it in my baking. But this is HONEY with capital letters because it is the real one!

Why should you eat honey?

Honey is not only tasty but also super healthy for you.

    • It has an anti-bacterial and anti-fungal effect, it can provide relief from a sore throat or bacterial intestinal infections and you can even apply it to wounds on your skin.
    • Because honey is packed with flavonoids and antioxidants, it protects against cancer and cardiovascular disease.
    • Honey keeps the glycogen stock in your muscles up for longer and shortens your recovery period, which is also good for your endurance and sports performance.
    • Honey is also a natural probiotic and keeps your gut flora in balance.

With real honey you don’t have to worry that it will unbalance your blood sugar level like processed sugar. Real good honey has a low value on the Glycemic Index, so that your blood sugar level will not spike.

The package

The box I received was super luxurious and contained the following things:

-Honey cranberry wine
-3 jars of honey
-Honey lollipops
-Honey straws
-Honey waffles
-Piece of comb honey
-Propolis powder
-Propolia Energie Vitale
-Honey candle
Honey soap
-Testing care packs

Honey cranberry wine
The package arrived on Friday so the honey cranberry wine arrived right on time for our weekly “Friday afternoon drinks” gathering. It is a sweet wine with the color of rose. You drink it cold and I felt it came close to a dessert wine. It’s not a wine to drink consecutively so I enjoyed it all weekend.

Honey treats
My children immediately took the opportunity to try the honey waffles. Similar in taste to syrup waffles but with the extra taste of honey. The lollipops and straws were also immediately unpacked. I thought the straw was some sort of soluble stir stick but it is a thin plastic tube filled with honey. Nice for children as a treat.

There was also a jar propolis powder in the box. Propolis has been used by people since ancient times because of its powerful effect. There are also many modern scientific publications on how propolis works. Nevertheless, propolis cannot be called a medicine, because pharmaceutical medicines are under strict control and must always have exactly the same composition. The composition of propolis is very variable and depends, among other things, on the time of year, the environment and the bee colony itself. Propolis is also called a natural antibiotic. In short, you could say that propolis is effective on inflammation and allergies.
I added 2 tablespoons of propolis to the jar of flower honey and we all took a teaspoon of that every morning and evening. According to, this activates and strengthens your immune system. Testing in a week is of course a bit short, but this was no punishment! The first jar of honey is now empty so we will repeat it with the other honey.

The Energetic Energy of Propolia
Resembles the propolis powder in substance, but it’s ready-made. In terms of taste, I think it is a bit spicier, that is probably due to the extra additions of acerola, royal jelly, papaya and ginseng. This is also used to strengthen your immune system, which is not an unnecessary luxury during these winter months.

There was also a real piece of honeycomb in the gift box. Great to let the honey run out and spoon it up. How pure can you have it! Also nice to show my children where honey really comes from and I immediately looked up online for some pictures of beehives.

Propolia Care
In terms of skin care, I always go for pure natural and the Propolia brand also meets thatbecause it is Bio certified and supplies the highest quality of natural care products. And the honey soap that comes with it smells delicious.



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