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Healing power of honey

Bees are a special folk, besides making honey, bee pollen, propolis and royal jelly they also pollinate the entire flora & fauna, so that we have food and plants can survive.
The bee population is doing very badly and the way big honey companies deal with bees is terrible.

The honey bee survives the winter and builds up a supply of honey in order to survive.
Therefore, only buy your honey from a beekeeper because he will (if he really loves them) not feed his bees with sugar water and only uses the honey that is in abundance so the bees can feed themselves as well.
Support the beekeepers because they are important for maintaining the bee colony. Only use beekeeping products for your health. I do not recommend buying honey in the supermarket.
Honey in supermarkets has also been heated and has therefore lost its healing properties.

Honey power

Honey should not be heated above 37 degrees and must be tossed cold to maintain a good healing function. Honey has an healing effect due to the enzymes, amino acids, vitamins, proteins and minerals it contains. In addition, it contains probiotics. These are bacteria that are very good for the intestines. You can use the honey both internally and externally for skin complaints. Honey has an anti-inflammatory and soothing effect and the skin heals faster and more beautifully. Honey internally strengthens the immune system, the intestines, it nourishes your body through the nutrients and the intestinal friendly bacteria.

Two types of honey

You have probably seen that there are two types, the transparent and the creamy. The creamy shows that the honey has been standing for some time and has started to crystallize. It’s a matter of taste. The taste of the honey is also determined by the area in which the bees live. Heather honey, sunflower honey, buckwheat honey, wildflower honey and so on, discover which one your prefer.

A spoonful of good beekeeper’s honey every day is a blessing for your body and immune system.

Royal Jelly – Royal Jelly

Only young bees can make Royal Jelly, which is a mixture of pollen and a secretion of the salivary gland of that young bee. This stuff is extremely nutritious and will feed the queen all her life and the larvae for the first 3 days. For us it’s a product that gives an extremely high amount of energy and a boost for the immune system when you are very sick or very tired.

On Lekkerhoning.nl you will find a lot of valuable information about the power of honey and also what you can get from it. You also support the beekeepers. Delicious honey from different places, honey with king jelly in it and you name it. For in tea or as a healthy sweet for children honey sticks. There are also honey lollipops and even skin and body care products.
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