Fight cold or sore throat naturally

Cold or sore throat natural remedies

Fight cold or sore throat naturally

Suffering from a cold, sore throat or a nasty cough? Forget cough syrup or throat lozenges. You can get rid of it quickly with these natural remedies. In this blog you will find our personal top 5.

Tip 1. Honey: pure or in tea

Honey is not only very tasty, it also has an anti-inflammatory, antibacterial and soothing effect on the throat. In addition, honey is rich in vitamins and minerals. This makes honey a very good remedy for colds, sore throat or cough. You can snack on the honey from a tablespoon. This way you take full advantage of the viscous structure that relieves the throat. You can also add the honey to a hot drink such as tea. It is important to let the drink cool slightly. This is to ensure that the beneficial properties are preserved. In principle, any honey can be used, but we recommend eucalyptus honey or thyme honey On.

honey sore throat

Tip 2. Add lemon and ginger!

Honey has a healing effect on a sore throat, as you have read above. But there is an even more powerful remedy: Tea with honey, lemon and ginger. Ginger, like honey, has an anti-inflammatory effect. In addition, ginger helps to kill unwanted bacteria. Lemon is very rich in vitamin C. This gives your immune system a boost. Our tip: combine the power of lemon and honey with lemon honey . Again: let the tea cool down a bit first!

Tip 3. Bronchomel

Less known, but at least as effective as honey: Bronchomel. bronchomel is a blend of honey, herbs and essential oils. This creates more space in the airways and promotes free breathing. This natural product is particularly popular with the flu and colds. You can take this product as needed.


Tip 4. 100% Natural Throat Syrup

Cough syrup is generally effective for sore throat relief. However, regular medical cough syrup also has various side effects and is therefore not really a healthy choice. For natural relief from coughs and colds, you can also opt for a natural throat syrup. The natural throat syrup from Propolia has been developed on the basis of a traditional formula with wheat syrup, honey, propolis, essential oils and plant extracts such as thyme. These ingredients have been specially selected for their soothing properties on the throat.


Throat Syrup-Propolis-Cough Syrup-145ml

Tip 5. Natural Nasal Spray

Colds often go hand in hand with a stuffy nose. This can make you feel very stuffy. To prevent a stuffy nose, we recommend using a natural nasal spray On. This promotes free breathing and contributes to good nasal hygiene. This natural nasal spray is – in contrast to regular nasal sprays with Xylometazoline – not addictive.


Tip 6. Chop honey (hmmm!)

Hakhoning is a real delicacy. In addition, chopping honey is healthy. chop honey was already used in the Middle Ages for sore throats, colds, strep throat and other respiratory diseases. It should therefore absolutely not be missing in this blog with natural remedies for colds and sore throats. The taste eucalyptus is particularly popular. Eucalyptus is often used for sore throats. It provides relief and helps open the airways.