Everything you need to know about bee venom

bee venom article

Everything you need to know about bee venom

Bee venom, do you already know it? It may sound a bit scary, but that’s absolutely not the case! Bee venom provides energy and has a positive effect on muscles, joints and tendons. In this article we will tell you more about this special product. Read on quick!

Honey, propolis and royal jelly … You have probably heard of these products before. But did you know that the bee, except for honey, has much more to offer to us? Few people are waiting for a bee sting. It can hurt pretty badly. Nevertheless, bee venom has positive properties and potential benefits for our health. Fortunately, there are many alternative ways to take this product today. How? We would be happy to tell you more about this.

Centuries old, yet still relatively unknown

Bee venom capsules or tablets as we know them today were invented during the last century. Yet people have been familiar with the healing effects of bee venom for some time. Even the ancient Egyptians were already familiar with its healing properties. Before bee venom capsules existed, finely grounded bee stings were consumed. Still, if we look at all the beautiful bee products, bee venom is still relatively unknown. In some people, the word “poison” also evokes negative associations. Understandable, but not always necessary!

The effect of bee venom

Bee venom can be considered as a dietary supplement and is known for the following beneficial effects:

  • provides mental energy
  • affects nerve functions
  • has a beneficial effect on painful or tired muscles, joints and tendons.

Bee venom has a stimulating effect on the adrenal cortex and thus its hormone production. This makes the effect somewhat comparable to coffee or other caffeinated drinks. As with coffee, excessive intake leads to a feeling of restlessness, insomnia and palpitations. So always follow the directions on the packaging carefully.

Bee venom capsules

Bee venom capsules or tablets can be taken orally with a sip of water. They are therefore very easy to use. Bee venom capsules contain only a very small amount of (purified) bee venom. Our bee venom capsules contain 0.1 mg of purified bee venom from honey bees per capsule. This is approximately equal to the amount of poison from 1 bee sting. We normally advise our customers to start with one capsule every two days. This is to test whether you can tolerate the product well. Yet most people only notice something when they take one or more capsules per day. It is best to try out carefully and step by step what feels most comfortable for you.

Bee venom capsules - provides energy, affects nerve functions and has a positive effect on muscles, tendons and joints.
Bee venom capsules

Bee venom for flexible joints

Do you suffer from painful joints, tendons or muscles? You may benefit from using bee venom ointment . Some people also use the product for rheumatism, back pain, painful scars and tennis elbows. It is also a very popular product for sports injuries. Bee venom ointment is easy to apply to the skin and makes muscles and joints supple again. You simply apply a thin layer of bee venom ointment to the skin and massage it lightly. The ointment will be absorbed by your skin. A damp cloth can help with this and improve the result. Wash your hands thoroughly after application. This is to prevent contact with eyes and mouth. This is because bee venom ointment should ideally not come into contact with your mouth, eyes, ears or genitals.

Bee venom cream ointment - Makes muscles and joints flexible, Bee venom provides energy, influences nerve functions and has a positive effect on muscles, tendons and joints.
Bee venom ointment

When not to take bee venom?

The consumption of bee venom is not suitable for everyone. For example, experts advise against the use of bee venom if having kidney disease or diabetes. Do you still experience unwanted side effects? Than contact your doctor immediately. Please note, the above text serves as an informative introduction to the bee venom product and should not be interpreted as medical advice. Are you unsure about the use? Always consult a doctor.

Bee venom experiences

Do you find bee venom an interesting product, but are you also curious about the experiences of people who have already tried it? Then you’ve come to the right place. Many people have already preceded you. Simply click on a product of your choice and read under the heading ” Reviews ” the experiences of customers who have already tried the product.

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