Bee pollen against hay fever

bee pollen hay fever

Bee pollen and its positive effect on hay fever

Bee pollen are pollen from flowers and trees collected by bees. The pollen grains are an essential nutrient for strong and healthy bees. But did you know that many people with hay fever also benefit from the use of bee pollen?

The use of pollen has a beneficial effect on breathing and reduces susceptibility to hay fever. If you suffer a lot from hay fever complaints, it can certainly help to give bee pollen a try.

Why bee pollen helps with hay fever

Everyone with a hay fever allergy will recognize it: an itchy, blocked or snotty nose, a lot of sneezing, itchy and watery eyes, a dry throat or a full head feeling. These and other annoying hay fever symptoms arise because our immune system sometimes produces too much histamine. Unfortunately, a cure for hay fever is not possible. However, there are various natural ways to better control the complaints.

Bee pollen (also called pollen grains) are naturally high in quercetin content. This substance is known for its histamine-inhibiting effect. This provides us with an explanation why bee pollen are so helpful with hay fever and the reduction of annoying hay fever symptoms. The bee pollen counteracts the production and release of histamine in a natural way and calms the immune system, as it were. This provides relief from the complaints.

Did you know that too? natural honey can help with hay fever ?

Take bee pollen for hay fever

Bee pollen or pollen granules are available as capsules or as pure bee pollen in pots. Pollen capsules are very easy to use. You can simply take it with a sip of water.

But also pure bee pollen you can consume easily. This can be done with water, with milk or with some yoghurt or custard or muesli. Some people like to use the bee pollen in their breakfast smoothie. Pollen also tastes good on a sandwich with honey and the good substances come into their own even better.

With hay fever, pollen provides relief with daily use during the period that one needs it – often this will be in the spring and / or summer. The beneficial effects are generally noticeable quickly.

For optimal results, the combination with stress relief, a healthy lifestyle and a balanced diet is recommended.

Lots of other benefits

Bee pollen are not for nothing called a superfood. In addition to its beneficial effect on hay fever complaints, it offers many other beneficial benefits for our health. It provides energy and has a beneficial effect on our digestive system, skin, hair and nails. In addition, bee pollen are very nutritious and are full of important vitamins and minerals. On our information page about bee pollen you will find more information about this.

Bee pollen against hay fever – people’s experiences

It may sound strange to you: pollen against pollen. But the results and experiences don’t lie. Are you curious about the experiences of people with hay fever with the use of bee pollen? Here you will find various experiences of people who have already tried it. Countless positive experiences can also be found on the internet and various forums. Have you become curious about bee pollen and would you like to give it a chance? Than view our offer for more information about the use, applications and benefits of pollen.

What are your experiences with the use of bee pollen for hay fever?

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